Every project is a collaboration within the research team – and in working with us, you only ever experience a team of experts, brought together to deliver against your brief.

I have got to know many brilliant and talented researchers and consultants over the years – all with different interests and expertise. So you always get the right team for your project. They’ll enlighten, inspire and always go the extra mile.…

Let me introduce my most often partners…

Kath Rhodes
Kath is full of ideas, constantly inspired by all of the reading she does on social psychology, neuro science, creativity and new research techniques. She also has her finger on the pulse of how new technology and social media can be employed to take researchers and clients closer to consumers. More importantly, she’s an all-round lovely person who people just want to talk to.
Nick Kenway
Nick should have been a forensic scientist. His analytic skills have been honed over the years so he always pieces together what’s going on before anyone else in the room. But his brain working overtime is no impediment to his ability to speak or to listen. Put him in a group of people anywhere and he’ll start a conversation – often about something that they didn’t know they knew about, but find themselves experts on.
Chris Barnham
Chris knows about everything, remembers everything and has researched everything at one time or another. He’s a fountain of knowledge on the brewing industry and beer, and on many other products and services too – most recently animal feed and farming. He really can turn his hand to anything. He’s in the final stages of his part time PhD in semiotics and regularly lectures at Kingston and Lancaster Universities, as confirmation of exactly how brainy he is.

We have other great researchers that we know very well and work with regularly, so we can handle any size of project, both in the UK and internationally.

In addition, to extend our capabilities, we team up with:

Jo Perkins
A talented and skillful quantitative research consultant.
Jeremy Barnett
He makes great videos for our presentations.